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Title: Canary Bay (PowerBASIC version)
Post by: Patrice Terrier on June 10, 2020, 04:17:53 pm
This is the PowerBASIC 32-bit version.

Much of advanced stuffs in the source code.

You can post your questions or comments about this beta version in this thread.

06-10-2020 version 1.03
                  First PowerBASIC release
06-13-2020 version 1.04
                  New cfg.defaultURL parameter to open a specific URL (rather than Bing) when clicking on + to open a new tab.
07-03-2020 version 1.07
                  Unlimited URL short cuts selection, using horizontal scrolling.
                  Random wallpaper image when closing the last TAB.
                  New WV2B.exe 32-bit custom browser engine.               
07-29-2020 version 1.08
                  New PocessTerminate function
                  to get rid of potential orphan process when running the 32-bit project for the first time.

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Title: Re: Canary Bay (PowerBASIC version)
Post by: Patrice Terrier on July 29, 2020, 05:20:18 pm
The PowerBASIC CanaryBay 32-bit has been updated to version 1.08

The behavior of the 32-bit is not the same than the 64-bit, when loading the browser from a fresh boot.
Probably because the 32-bit dependencies are not loaded the same than in native 64-bit.

This could cause the creation of an orphan process when closing the powerBASIC application.
The solution is to make sure that the WV2B process has been terminated before closing the PB application,
using the new ProcessTerminate function.

The new zip is attached to the first post of this thread.