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WinDev ObjReader viewer / C++ HEADER + .LIB
« Last post by Patrice Terrier on February 27, 2020, 03:02:22 pm »
C++ header
Code: [Select]
#pragma once
#define C_IMPORT EXTERN_C __declspec(dllimport)

C_IMPORT HWND    OR_CreateWindow(IN DWORD dwExStyle, IN HWND hParent, IN DWORD dwStyle, IN long x, IN long y, IN long w, IN long h, IN HMENU CtrlID);
C_IMPORT long    OR_DetectGPU();
C_IMPORT void    OR_ViewReset();
C_IMPORT long    OR_GetAudioVolume();
C_IMPORT void    OR_SetAudioVolume(IN long nVolume);
C_IMPORT void    OR_ProcessCommandLine(IN WCHAR* lpCmdLine);
C_IMPORT WCHAR*  OR_Vertices();
C_IMPORT WCHAR*  OR_Triangles();
C_IMPORT WCHAR*  OR_Indices();
C_IMPORT WCHAR*  OR_Materials();
C_IMPORT WCHAR*  OR_Version();

Note: You must use the OrResource folder aside the ORDLL64.dll.
The .LIB file is inside the ORDLL64.7z attachment.
WinDev ObjReader viewer / WinDev OR64 project
« Last post by Patrice Terrier on February 21, 2020, 10:50:40 am »
This is a Work In Progress, the latest version is attached to this post.

The attached WINDEV project is compatible with: WD17+

This thread is to explain how to use ObjReader inside of a 64-bit WinDev application.

The OR17 project is based on the "ObjReader Lite" version 3.00

You can post your questions and comments about using it with WinDev in this thread.

  • 02-21-2020 Release V01 - First beta
  • 02-24-2020 Release V02 - ComboBox + new "3D_models" folder (located into the EXE's)
  • 02-25-2020 Release V04 - Model info (Vertices, Triangles, Indices, Meshes, Materials, OBJ size, Loaded in)

Note: To test the project you can use this animated model

The latest is attached to this post (WD source code and EXE binary)

The core ORDLL64.dll 3D engine, expose this set of API:
(Note: The use of GDImage64.dll is a prerequisite)

OR_CreateWindow(IN DWORD dwExStyle, IN HWND hParent, IN DWORD dwStyle, IN long x, IN long y, IN long width, IN long height, IN HMENU CtrlID)
Create the OpenGL viewport window.

Detect the graphic card being used (nVidia, ATI, Intel).

Return a string with specific informations matching the GPU being used.

Return a string about the current model used.

Reset the OpenGL viewport to the model specific default.

Get the current audio volume used by the model, in the range 0 to 100 (the value is reseted, each time you load a new model).

OR_SetAudioVolume(IN long nVolume)
Adjust the audio level volume, in the range 0 to 100.

OR_ProcessCommandLine(IN WCHAR* lpCmdLine)
To select the full path of a specific 3D model.

The vertices number.

The triangles number.

The indices number.

The meshes number.

The materials number.

The .OBJ file size.

The ellapsed time to load the project into the GPU memory.

The DLL internal version number.

User guide:

3D model to use
You must use any model from the 3D collection, they have been highly optimized (with C4D) to use the unique features of the ObjReader material,
thus to achieve top-notch rendering quality in real time, and high refresh rate (FPS).

The models are loaded directly into the memory of the graphic card (GPU) to save the CPU ram, but you must have enough graphic memory (4Gb recommended),
and use the latest graphic drivers.

Select a wavefront.obj model with Explorer and drag the icon onto the OpenGL viewport.
You can also do the same with any audio file, audio processing is performed in real time to sync the animations and pulse the lighting of the model.
Note: The processing of the audio signal and the animation sync is related to the use of a specific ObjReader material file.

The left mouse button change the model orientation, the right mouse button drag the model left or right, and up or down (paning).
The mouse wheel adjust the zoom magnification (inertia smooth zooming).


The folder named "3D-models", is the right place to put all the models (each one using a distinct subfolder).
All models stored here, are shown into the ComboBox for easy selection.

Note: The attachment has both the WinDev source code, and the compiled binary into the EXE folder.
Get ObjReader & Documentation / Re: ObjectReader
« Last post by Patrice Terrier on February 19, 2020, 05:35:25 pm »
The Lite version, is provided without the extra overhead of the model inspection features.

This is the prefered version for those wanting only to browse the "3D Model collection".
Post Your Questions & Comments Here / Re: icon editor
« Last post by Patrice Terrier on February 12, 2020, 04:20:06 pm »
I am still using the old free IcoFX version, it has always served me well for years.
Post Your Questions & Comments Here / Re: icon editor
« Last post by James Fuller on February 12, 2020, 03:26:15 pm »
Never mind visual studio seems fine. I use mostly use the compiler and forgot.
Get ObjReader & Documentation / Re: ObjectReader
« Last post by Patrice Terrier on February 12, 2020, 01:43:38 pm »
Version 3.00, is to remember the passing of my friend on friday 31, 2020 at 11:40
and the latest build we worked together.  :'(
Post Your Questions & Comments Here / icon editor
« Last post by James Fuller on February 12, 2020, 01:13:54 pm »
  What would you recommend for an icon editor?
I am looking for a {young} SDK programmer that could take on my work with GDImage and WinLIFT.

Please contact me first by PM, and not from this thread.
Questions & Comments about GDImage / Licensing
« Last post by Patrice Terrier on February 12, 2020, 09:14:41 am »
GDImage64 and WinLIFT64, provided with the free applications available from this forum, are also free for non-commercial use.

If you are a non-commercial entity (eg. an individual) and you are not making any money from your product (through sales, advertising, etc), then you can use them for free, as long as you post a copy of your application on this forum.

Otherwise, you have to get a commercial licence from me.
Since Josť Roca has moved to FreeBasic, and PowerBASIC has gone to oblivion.
I took the decison to remove all my contributions from my "consultant section" on "Josť Roca's forum" (new name "Theo's forum").

The only thing i have moved there, is the Take the control of your window thread.
But of course if you need anything specific about my previous PB's contributions, you can ask here, and i shall try from my best to help you.
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