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MCI video player
« on: July 29, 2017, 05:46:48 pm »
This is a basic video player based on MCI, the original PowerBASIC version was first written long ago in 2000 with PB/DLL.

The main advantage of using MCI is that it works from XP to W10.

The attached project is skinned using the zSkin API documented there

Note : zSkin should not be confused with WinLIFT that is a subclassing engine able to skin a window on the fly.

The Blur mode doesn't work on XP, and it has been disabled by Microsoft on Windows 10.

The attached PowerBASIC 32-bit source code has been compiled with PB 9.05, but it also compile fine in PB 10+, however the resulting binary EXE would be larger.

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