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VIP64 (KVPlayer with TMDB support)
« on: November 06, 2017, 04:18:23 pm »
Here is the VIP64 project, that is build upon the skinned KVPlayer, and the use of the "THE MOVIE DB" to retrieve the informations from the Internet.

This version has a new interface to select a movie from an auto/hide contact sheet, that shows up when you move the mouse on top of the client area.

Each time you look at a new video, the matching informations are stored inside the EXE \TMDB subfolder, for further retrieval.
To start a movie from the contact sheet, select its poster, then press the play button.
When the movie goes to full completion, or when you press the stop button, you are back to the TMDB interface.

Suggestions and feedback welcome.

Screen shot:

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Re: VIP64 (KVPlayer with TMDB support)
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2017, 02:17:30 pm »
The new release candidate version (from 2017-11-11) has been attached to the first post of this thread.

Many things have been changed into the source code

New features:
1 - Now, the TMDB interface is visible only when you check first the TMDB button from the bottom right corner.
2 - In case of broken link, the program asks if you want to remove the compound files from the TMDB folder.
3 - The contact animation has a new resize effect, that is used altogether with the alpha channel change.
     The poster of the current selected movie is shown slightly larger than the others, using permanent opacity.
4 - You can drag & drop any image (poster or background) from the TMDB folder to play a movie.
5 - If you play a new movie that has no matching compound files, it is added automatically to the contact sheet.
6 - If you want to refresh the TMDB data, just Open or use Drag & Drop of an existing movie.
     That will update the TMDB folder with the latest informations found on the Internet.
7 - When enabled, the TMDB interface becomes hidden as soon as you play a movie,
     it is restored automatically if you press the "Stop" button, or if the movie goes to full completion.
8 - In TMD mode you can check/uncheck the like-it button to match your personnal preference.
9 - If you leave a movie before full completion, the next time you play it, you can choose to resume from last location.

Note: This dialog pops up, only if you have played less then 90% of the movie,
and resume starts a few seconds before the real saved location.

In order to display the movie length in minutes (when it is missing), you need to update the compound file using drag & drop or the "open" button.
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Re: VIP64 (KVPlayer with TMDB support)
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2017, 03:36:20 pm »
Forget to say that i did several changes into my TMD header (see in red)

struct MOVIE_DATA {
    long vote_count;
    long id;
    long video;
    long adult;
    float vote_average;
    float popularity;
    WCHAR title[128];
    WCHAR poster_path[128];
    WCHAR original_language[10];
    WCHAR original_title[128];
    WCHAR genre_ids[196];
    INT64 duration;
    WCHAR backdrop_path[128];
    WCHAR overview[1020];
    INT64 position;
    WCHAR release_date[13];

    BYTE  likeit;
    BYTE  reserved_2;

    WCHAR movie_link[MAX_PATH]; // full movie qualified path
    long structure_size;        // to be compatible with future extension
    long signature;             // always TMDB 4-byte