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This project, written in PowerBASIC, was started long ago, it has been the most downloaded application from the formal José Roca's forum that has been deprecated since the passing of Bob Zale in 2012.

Note: In order to download the full project, you must first register using your real name.

BassBox is a multimedia audio player designed to work with Windows XP, VISTA, W7, W8, W10+.
This is a 32-bit application working in composited mode.

Note: For 64-bit see the MediaBox (MBox64)

The player uses audio sensitive OpenGL visual plugins that have been written specifically to provide the best multimedia experience.

Main features
• Play audio stream: aif, mp1, mp2, mp3, ogg, wav, wma.
• Play music tracker: it, mod, mtm, s3m, umx, xm.
• Play compressed music tracker: mo3.
• Play CD-audio.
• Playlist, using the ".bbp" extension (to play from the internet using either "http://" or "ftp://").
• More than 20 exclusive OpenGL visual plugins.
• Windowed or full screen effect visualization.
• Real time oscilloscope.
• Audio settings: reverberation, chorus, flanger, echo, sound rotation.
• 10-band equalizer.
• Use drag and drop to play directly from files or folders.
• Skinned interface with background library.
• Detailed CHM help file.

For further details make sure to read the provided BassBox.chm from the zip file.

This code is under the copyright of Patrice Terrier, it couldn't be translated to another language without prior agreement.
All credits must be given where credit is due, and the name of the project must be kept unchanged.
You are not allowed to create a derivative work or DLL from this project.

If you need to use BassBox or its visual plugins in a commercial project you must first contact Patrice Terrier

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