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Patrice Terrier

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FFplayer (WinDev project)
« on: August 08, 2021, 05:54:11 pm »
This project works with all the WinDev versions ranging from 16 to 26.

FFplayer is a GUI encapsulation of the console FFmpeg/FFplay video player working in GDImage composited mode.

The interface is intuitive and user friendly.
You can play a video using the folder dialog, or directly from the Explorer using drag and drop.

Learn more about FFmpeg/FFplay here:

WARNING: The project must be compiled in 64-bit mode!

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Hicham SALMI

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Re: FFplayer (WinDev project)
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Merci Patrice pour ce beau travail.

Je te suis toujours et je n'ai pas de doute que chaque fois tu nous gratifies d'un nouveau bijou