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This 64-bit WD17+ (WinDev) project is intended to perform real time audio capture of anything playing on your PC.
The DLL itself is written in C++.

While it could be used to record from the microphone,
the best quality is achieved when using a multiplex audio card and recording from the "Stereo mix" device.

How to Use AudioCap:
  • Start AudioCap.
  • Start playing a movie (with a sound track) or a local or internet audio file (streaming).
  • Press the [Start capture] button, to see the oscilloscope PCM WIMDATA curve.
  • Check "Capture to Wave" if you want to create the "capture.wav", or check "Monitoring only" if you want to see only the peak level.

In "capture to Wave" mode, a WAVE/PCM 44000Hz stereo file is saved in the selected folder.

Note : The demo version of AudioCap64.dll limits the WAVE record to 30 seconds.

How to get the full version:
You can download the full C++ project from codeproject
or from this link.
And you can also make a donation to get the DLL without nag screen and record limitation.

If you like this project

Click here to make a donation

Or you can also use:
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