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Splash Screen Plus
« on: May 25, 2023, 11:33:07 am »
This GDImage64 project has been converted from WinDev to C++ 64-bit, and there is also a PowerBASIC 32-bit version.
It uses a layered window to render GDImage PNG animation, altogether with multiple sprite effects.

The 64-bit code has been optimized to fit within a very small 16384 bytes executable.
Using specific project properties based on the TClib.lib (Tiny C Lib) to replace the default Visual Studio setup.

To start the demo, click on the "On Off" button, then select either next (>>) or prev (<<) to change of splash screen.
To stop the demo, press the close button (X).

Other links about GDImage PNG animations

About the PowerBASIC version
This is the exact transcription of the C++ 64-bit project.
A good example, showing how the core SDK syntax can ease the conversion from one language to another

The 64-bit C++ version is using Unicode, while the 32-bit is using Ansi.
Both resulting EXE size are rather small, 18 Kb for PowerBASIC 32-bit, and 13 Kb for C++ 64-bit.


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