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WinLIFT DreamScene version 2.00 (C++ VS 2022)
« on: June 26, 2023, 04:40:34 pm »
This is a rather complex project using several technologies.
  • It is a compound application, mixing 64 and 32-bit code,
  • WM_COPYDATA, is used to communicate between multiple binary components.
  • The main application is 64-bit, while the companion ZWP (ZAP Window Plugin) is 32-bit.
  • ZWP is the interface between the high level code, and the low level 32-bit OpenGL visual plugins.
  • ZWP is also in charge of processing the audio signal.
  • Using RCDATA to create the 32-bit audio DLL (Bass.dll) directly in memory.

DWM compositing

Both WinLIFT and GDImage are able to work in transparent composited mode, using variable opacity.
This is quite obvious when you start the application, before playing audio.

You can move the main window around, however WinLIFT always keep it inside of the WinDows desktop client size.
It does the same when you popup the (info) "About" dialog box, that is constraint inside of the main window client size.
The winLIFT modal info dialog box, is using DDW (Dim Disabled Window) with grayed transparent background until you close it.

About "Let her dance for you"
The central PNG animation is synchronized on the audio signal tempo while playing music.
You can select an audio file from the dedicated combo, or using drag and drop from the Explorer.
While playing music, you can drag the seeker to move forward or backward.
The small rotating gauge located at the bottom right edge allows you to adjust the audio level.
You can change of OpenGL visual plugin, by selecting a new name from the specific combo.
While playing, you can move the cursor to the center of the GDImage control to pause/play music.

WinLIFT controls
All controls are using anchor properties.
The gauges, and the vertical track bar (zoom), can be restored to their default values using a right mouse click.
The Transparent check box, enable or disable full transparency.
The PLAY check box, turn music on/off

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