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Tutor_08 (C++ VS2022 GDImage64 tutorial)
« on: June 27, 2023, 06:13:16 pm »
Eighth post of a series, translated from the "WinDev and PowerBASIC",
to explain the use of GDImage64 in procedural* programming mode with Visual Studio 2022.

About Tutor_08
This tutor introduces the use of multiple overlapping transparent layers, working in DWM composited mode.

The "aero_glass.png" used at the top of the z-order is displayed in "ZS_INACTIVE" mode,
that means it is disabled, however, all WM_ messages are passed to the immediate underlaying sprites.

Even the layer shown at the bottom of the z-order is using variable opacity,
which makes it possible to discern the windows desktop in the background.

The fish animation is using 4 bitmaps, each bitmap being composed of multi frames.
See the DetectMultiframe() function.

Last but not least,
the size of the standalone binary EXE is only 13 Kb.

* procedural programming mode, is based on direct use of the FLAT API (Windows SDK) that is the core meat of the OS.
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