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Of The Bay (version 3.00)
« on: May 09, 2017, 06:10:03 pm »
Of The Bay

This is version 3.00 of an old GDImage project written in 2008 in PowerBASIC.

It has been inspired by the MAC OS X dock bar, converted to the Windows world.

The layered transparent window is sitting at the bottom of the desktop.

The dock bar is populated only with transparent sprites, no API child controls, except for the popup contextual menu.

New in this version:

- The CPU footprint is now very low.
- Support for .URL short cut.
- Code clean up, and optimization.

How to use the dock bar:

Just move the mouse hover an icon, and press the left button to fire the short cut.
Hover a specific icon, press the right mouse button to see the full path to the target.
To close the dock bar and restore the initial desktop, popup the contextual menu and select the last line of the menu, or press the Escape key
when OTB has the focus.

Layered window

OfTheBay is a true layered window, using the UpdateLayeredWindow API to render directly onto the Windows desktop.

Using a layered window can significantly improve performance and visual effects for a window that has a complex shape, animates its shape, or wishes to use alpha blending effects. The system automatically composes and repaints layered windows and the windows of underlying applications. As a result, layered windows are rendered smoothly, without the flickering typical of complex window regions. In addition, layered windows can be partially translucent, that is, alpha-blended.
Hit testing of a layered window is based on the shape and transparency of the window. This means that the areas of the window that are color-keyed or whose alpha value is zero will let the mouse messages through, this is exactly how GDImage is working since its first version 1.00 written in 2002...

About the attachments:

1 -
     This is the original 32-bit PowerBASIC / GDImage version, written in 2008 by Patrice Terrier.
2 -
     Is a VS 2010-2017 C++ 64-bit standalone version (embedding a limited subset of the GDImage API), written by Patrice Terrier.
3 - OTB_Andrey.rar
     Is a VS 2015 32 and 64-bit standalone version, written by Andrey Unis.
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