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« on: June 15, 2017, 02:41:01 pm »
BB64 version 1.0

I have attached to this post the version that was first written with VS 2010 in C++ when i took the decision, before the passing of Bob Zale,  to move on from PB.

It is a combination of Bass.dll, AudioGenie3.dll, WinLIFT64.dll, and GDImage64.dll.

The whole interface is based on the GDImage animation capabilities.

In the first run i wanted to let it work like my Galaxy NOTE 3 phablet, that was my source of inspiration, however this project, while very capable, never go to full completion.

Something makes this project very special, it is the mixing of both 32 and 64-bit inside of the same application.

The 32-bit part is still relying on PowerBASIC and my PB's BassBox OpenGL plugins, as well as the BBP.bas that is the bridge between the visual plugins and the player itself that is written in 64-bit.

Like in MediaBox the whole interface is build on proprietary graphic components, including the popup menu.

Version 1.00 features:
  • Full support of drag and drop from the Explorer (with recursive folder search for valid audio files).
  • While playing, the flare animation can be used as seek pointer to move forward or backward within the song.
  • Boomer animation in the background, when there is no Cover Art image.
  • Icon animation.
  • Cover Art alphablending on the fly (using variable opacity).
  • Full Audiogenie3 support.
  • DWM compositing support.
  • Audio volume adjustment.
  • Background switching (left or right mouse click aside of the Cover Art image).
  • Mouse hover button to play/pause audio.
  • Auto hide mouse hover prev/next buttons to navigate the audio paylist (build from the folder recursive search).
  • 10-band equalizer.
  • Play in loop mode On/Off.
  • Keep player topmost On/Off.
  • OpenGL visual plugins (still in 32-bit)
  • Add/remove to favorite.
  • Play from favorite.
  • Current audio extension: MP3, OGG, and SoundTracker.

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