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« on: January 07, 2018, 10:55:52 am »
This C++ VS 2017 project, is an advanced graphic control with limited 2D sprite support inherited from GDImage.

It is composed of 4 distincts controls, each one using its own callback for the purpose of custom behavior.

The source code is composed of 5 modules:
1 - GDplus.cpp (the main code section).
2 - gControl (the generic graphic API, inherited from GDImage).
3 - custom.h (the custom graphic controls section : Add_gControl_01 to Add_gControl_04).
4 - Tools.h (the generic utility API).
5 - gdiflat.h (the specific GDIPLUS flat API, that should NOT be mixed with the {official} MSDN class encapsulation).

Add_gControl_01, is creating the thumbnails on the fly to populate the contact sheet if they don't already exist.
Add_gControl_02, is building on the fly one vectorial curve sprite object.
Add_gControl_03, is using several tiled sprites that could be resized with the mouse while hover the edges.
Add_gControl_04, is building on the fly an open polypolygon with interactive hot spots (the red dots).

This project has everything to create an interactive 2D Chart engine.

Note: Things you must be aware about the GDplus status.

This code is under my copyright, it couldn't be translated to another language without prior agreement.
And even with my agreement, all credits must be given where credit is due, and the name of the project must be kept unchanged.
You are not allowed to create a derivative DLL from this project.
If you need to use a DLL for commercial work, consider to register to the original GDImage, thank you!
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